Coronavirus update

The guidance from Public Health Wales has now changed. If you have a new fever or a new cough you are now advised to self isolate for 7 days but NOT to call 111. Only call 111 if you ‘cannot cope’ with your symptoms or your condition is worsening or the symptoms do not get better after 7 days.

It can be difficult to know whether you need to be seen or need to call 111 or the surgery. In general if someone is normally reasonably fit and well has a fever and/or a cough but is not struggling to breathe, can drink fluids, is alert, is able to walk around and is passing urine normally then the risk of severe illness is lower. Treatment with fluids, paracetamol and rest is usually effective.

If someone is increasingly struggling with breathing, is not fully awake, is not able to walk around the home or is passing little or no urine, these are signs of more severe illness – please call for advice on 111 in the first instance. The same applies to people particularly at risk of complications including those with chronic lung conditions and people who take medication that suppresses their immune system e.g. taking Methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis.

If you are unable to get advice from 111 or they recommend you see us, please call the usual number 01239 612 021. If you are concerned that any patient is becoming more seriously ill, please call us for advice or 999 directly.