Important Information about your 2nd Covid Vaccine/Gwybodaeth bwysig am eich 2il frechiad Covid

Dear Patient/Annwyl Glaf

When your 1st Covid vaccine was booked by the surgery, you were given a date over the telephone to attend for you 2nd vaccine. Please see below for a list of the corresponding dates to attend the surgery for your second dose:

Saturday 23rd Jan = 2nd dose Sat 17th April

Saturday 30th Jan= 2nd dose Sat 24th April

Wed 3rd Feb =2nd dose Wed 28th April

Wed 10th Feb= 2nd dose Wed 5th May

Wed 17th Feb =2nd dose Wed 12th May

Wed 24th Feb = Wed 19th May

Please attend the surgery at the same time on the corresponding date as you did for your 1st vaccine. If you are still unsure, please ring the surgery to check. We do not, unfortunately have the resources to conduct reminder telephone calls or send reminder letters. Thank you for your understanding.