Reception Video link

At present there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Cardigan. However we are aware from national news coverage of cases diagnosed in returning travellers who reside in Pembrokeshire.

As part of our efforts to reduce the risk of catching the virus for both patients and staff, we have introduced a video link at the front desk which can be used to communicate directly with receptionists without the risk of viral transmission. This system is secure with the receptionist on the other end of the link using a headset. If you wish to communicate privately with reception, it would be appreciated if you could call reception in the usual way on 01239 612021 instead. If this is not possible, we will make available a phone extension that can be used instead from the desk. If none of these options are acceptable for any reason, we can arrange face to face communication. As this may necessitate using personal protective equipment and use of a secure area, we ask for your patience whilst this is arranged.

We appreciate that some measures we are taking may cause concern and inconvenience for patients and staff. Please accept our apologies for this. Please bear with us whilst we try to strike the right balance between patient convenience and protection of patients and staff from the coronavirus threat.