Phone fault reporting

Regrettably, Cardigan Integrated Care Centre is experiencing problems with the WiFi signal to the building and the signal drops from time to time. This affects the telephone lines, causing the line to crackle and it sometimes drops the call. Please be assured we have not cut you off intentionally. This is totally out of our […]

Information for Carers/Gwybodaeth i ofalwyr

Here are some organisations that may be able to offer support specific to carers during the current Covid-19 situation: [Ceredigion] Ceredigion County Council Ceredigion Carers Unit Gofalwyr Ceredigion Carers Action for Children – Young Carers Service [Pembrokeshire] Pembrokeshire County Council PCISS: Pembrokeshire Carers Information and Support Service Action for Children – Young Carers Service Carmarthenshire […]

Supplementary Privacy Statement Covid-19

Cardigan Health Centre Supplementary Privacy Notice for Patients during Covid-19 This notice describes how Cardigan Health Centre may use your information to protect you and others during the Covid-19 outbreak. It supplements our main Privacy Notice which is available on our website. NHS Wales is facing significant pressures due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and action […]

Rescue Packs/Pecynnau Achub

RESCUE PACKS FOR ASTHMA AND COPD PATIENTS  We are aware there has been misleading information on Social Media regarding asking your doctor/practice pharmacist for rescue packs. WE ARE NOT SUPPLYING “JUST IN CASE” COURSES OF STEROID AND ANTIBIOTICS (KNOWN AS RESCUE PACKS) TO ANYONE WHO IS NOT ALREADY HAVING THEM AS PART OF THEIR USUAL […]