Blood tests for Warfarin

We have been informed that the phlebotomy service will not be holding walk-in INR clinics on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All appointments now need to be booked via reception on the usual number – 01239 612021 image credits  Staff Sgt. Teresa Cleveland

Stockpiling medication

We have had a lot of calls from patients requesting medication that they have not needed for years and extra quantities of existing medications ‘just in case’. Pharmacies have only a limited supply of medications at any one time so over-ordering could lead to other patients missing out. Pharmacies are also under increased demand from […]

Reception Video link

At present there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Cardigan. However we are aware from national news coverage of cases diagnosed in returning travellers who reside in Pembrokeshire. As part of our efforts to reduce the risk of catching the virus for both patients and staff, we have introduced a video link at the […]

Online Symptom Checker

Most adults and young people will experience some symptoms of viral illness this winter including ‘flu , ‘flu like illnesses and viral gastroenteritis all of which can spread rapidly in healthcare facilities. To help ease pressure on your local NHS services, please consider using using the NHS Direct Symptom Checker first. Alternatively, all the local […]

Choose Pharmacy

As winter approaches pressures on GP surgeries increase. Local pharmacies are now able to treat a wide range of illnesses for FREE under the Choose Well scheme. This includes sore throat symptoms, coughs, colds, back pain and eye infections. Please see the following leaflets to learn how they can help you. Not only does this […]